Fly on the platōform

The platō is an interactive space that connects readers with questions about the news or curiosity to learn more to journalists and researchers trained to build a high-level debate.

How does it work?

You ask any question you want about Politics, Economics, Environment, or Science. A certified professional in the field will research and respond. When your doubt or curiosity is resolved, the 2 of you evaluate each other. If the interaction is good and the evaluation is positive, you earn points. Points can be exchanged for rewards (*after the Beta version).

Information from another planet

The platō is a flat and elevated place for those who want reliable and high-level information. Our journalists and researchers can explain complex subjects to you until you understand them, and investigate information that is difficult to find on the internet or that is not yet available. Asking can be fun.

Make it cool and have fun

We know that the news can often have a negative effect on your mood. We also know that it's hard to find reliable sources out there. For this reason, we have built a fun platōform and are committed to barrier-free interaction. Asking and receiving rewards for this only depends on you and the quality of your interactions. Be nice!

Who boards with us?